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That sucks. That was a nice truck.

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Iimagine you're pretty well shaken up, i know after my major rearending happened between the ribs and back and concussion,, i wasnt right for a good while,,just give yourself plenty of time for your body and mind to heal bud.whats going too happen from this point will..the main thing is your alright..

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lol, any car or truck is going to look like that after getting railed in the ass by an 5000 lb. F-150 with a brush guard

Sucks about the accident, I sure hope insurance will cover that.
Yeah thats true.

But it would have hit directly on the metal part of the bumper if there was one there. Which would have lessened the damage.

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I walked away with nothing broken and just a little bit of pain, as of today i dont feel any thing hurting (lucky on that aspect)

And the hood might be damaged(good chance lol) but it will be able to get repaired, and the bed cover is 100% fine..it pays not to have a lock on it :mullet:

What happened is a person on a bike laid it on its side while trying to stop because traffic was backing up on the off ramp to head to school (TSTC). That happened maybe a few minutes before I got their. I was following the car in front (two cars distance between) of me doing 60-65 mph (speed limit), and he slammed on his brakes and I did the same and stood on them and ended up locking up my front right tire for about 10-13 ft and was happy enough to stop about 9-12" away from his bumper. It was a Honda prelude, well right as i stopped I got creamed by the F-250(?) with that big ass ranch hand bumper and got pushed into a Lincoln LS and the force of the impact threw me to the right of the drivers seat and ended up stripping the teeth that keep the seat up and what not (i didn't even notice that until I went to get some stuff out of it later that day)

The guy hit me at an angle and pushed me into the Lincoln, and the only reason that happened is because the guy pulled out, the trooper said some thing about an illegal lain change or unsafe lain change, but either way it cleared me of any fault from the front or rear damage caused by the wreck.

The good and bad part of all of this is, the insurance company (not mine) already totaled out my truck and said its worth $82xx.xx and im going to buy it back for $12xx.xx. The rims/bed cover/hood is all worth more than that. Even if I have to repair the hood. And I already found a truck for $8500, its a 03 CC BONE stock R/T with 88k miles and the chrome 17's :mullet:...but the insurance company was all fast to get to my truck and write it off, now they are saying that they need to make sure coverage for the truck and driver..:blahblah::blahblah::blahblah:...you know BS insurance crap to try and drag things out so it will make me go through my insurance to settle this. :rant:

For now, its just a waiting game :huh:

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Wow, did that fucker had enough cab lights on his truck? By the size of his front bumper, and the damage to his truck, your truck is a tin can, you have to have some whip lash or back pain, that couldn't be a easy hit at all. From what you described, that pic looks painful!
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