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For the last year I've have a broken weld on the driver door track for the window that I welded up and it helped get rid of some of the noise when opening and closing the door with the windows down.

Then I decided while in there I would line the track on both sides of each track on both doors because my window when fully down has a ton of play but the bolts are all snug.

Just an age thing with these trucks.

Anyways, incase anyone wants a fix for yhis issue there is a cheap Amazon 3m door liner replacement kit you can order to achieve this.

I'll upload photos and a tutorial of it later on tomorrow but Here is a photo of the new weld and the last track I lined. The passenger side needed the rubber liner alot more.

Hood Automotive tire Automotive lighting Bumper Tread

Liquid Fluid Wood Gas Water

I stuck the rubber on the lip to the left and to the right to surround both sides of the windows going up and down
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