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window tint laws

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havent seen this anywhere maby could become a sticky...
thought it could be used as a helpful tip so here ya go might keep you from getting a ticket
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o shit yea... they aint even got to be U.C.'s half of em are their cars
By "all the way around" I assume you mean that literally? Windshield too? I've heard of that being done. 5% tint looks great on the outside, but it makes your window about as transparent as a block wall!

An eye doctor once told me I have pupils the size of a mac truck so I'm pretty sensitive to light and could probably get a legitimate medical tint exemption, but there's no way I could feel safe driving at night with a dark windshield. I can understand tinting the side and rear windows dark, but the windshield? At some point there needs to be an expectation on the part of the driver to wear sunglasses if they can't tolerate the sun. Out of curiosity I've popped on my sunglasses at night while driving and it just didn't seem safe for anything other than simplistic interstate-style driving.

One time I was driving down a 45mph road at night when a guy on a bicycle suddenly appeared off to the side about 20ft ahead of me. He was a black guy on a black bike wearing black clothes so I literally did not see him until i was a car length behind him. I wouldn't have hit him anyway, but if someone was dumb enough to do what he did then someone else could be dumb enough to go one step further and need me to avoid them. If I had tinted a windshield that guy would be dead!
Just a strip across the top of windshield and 5% limo on all side and rear windows. Yes, it takes adjusting to at first, but I've had all mine this way so long it doesn't bother me.
the law on that sight for ga is different from what i was told the law was here and it says theres you cant have darker than 32% on back windows, i thought you could take a can of spray paint to the back window as long as you had your mirrors
see thats what the cop told me when he gave me my ticket and then i sais you couldnt observe me when i drove by so if your behind me and i have a spraypainted rear window your gonna let me go for having too dark of tint because you cant observe me right then he said yea your right i would get you for that too
in maryland... for trucks and SUV's tinting the rear window is fine... for as dark as you want. got 4 dooors, or CC windows? dark as ya want. front doors have a limit at 37.5% but everybody around here gets 20%.... i got 15% on my white truck. had it for 3 years and never got pulled over for it... until a deputy pulled me over at 0130... yes, middle of the night to say i had tint too dark.

i've gotten a fix it ticket for the tint as well, but i've never had to take it off. i have a trauma induced condition similar to shackleford. my right eye doesn't register to filter the light in high levels of light.

so now i rock the 5% on 3 sides and the limo tint eyebrow on the windshield. altho that comes down 2in below the bottom of the rearview mirror.

but i think its amusing to be right when the cop is telling me i have to remove the tint when they have the letter written by my retina specialist, in their hand... and don't read it... but we're sitting on the side of hte road for 10 mins going back and forth about if i need to remove my tint or not.
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Extremely sorry for bringing this thread back to life but had a question. In Va the law is 50% on the front 35% on the rear for cars. S.U.V and vans are 50% front and no limit on the rear. But say i'm driving a s.u.v with 2.5 or 5% on the rear they can pull me and give me a ticket because the rear door windows are darker than they should be. I've had this happen before, thrown out in court because I pointed that the law states no limit for the rear of a s.u.v or a van. Same cop pulled me again 2 weeks later. My Durango rears are stock, the fronts are atleast 35% maybe 20%, I know they arent 50% for sure. Knock on wood I haven't been pulled yet, mainly because the cops here don't seem to mess with you if you aren't doing anything wrong. And its obvious that they are illegal since they are always up. I like the a/c.

The Va law for reflective tint is no more than 20% all around on cars. And on a s.u.v or van it's 20 front 20 rear. Why is reflective tint allowed to be darker than normal tint on the front. But not as dark on the rear? Is this just another fucked up Va law they made from their asses? Doesn't reflective tint make it harder than normal tint to see in? Honestly asking because I don't know for sure. I've always thought mirror tint looked like shit
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dont question the law, it is what it is even no matter how little sense it makes haha. WI is 50% front and 35% rear. i actually obey the tint laws because i had 5% tint on front and i couldn't see shit! i realized if i took out a pedestrian or biker at a intersection i would be in deep shit. If you killed somebody im sure you could get charged with murder because you applied the tint yourself. im trying to find some cheep 50% tint for my fronts now.
The tint I have was professionally installed before I got the vehicle. I only questioned the Mirrored vs. the regular doesnt make sense to me. lol. I've had dark tint before 2.5 actually all around, (back when my eyes were good lol. Id check az or any auto parts store around $15 for a roll.
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