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So I'm new and I was wondering if I could upgrade all (if not, some) internal components. The engine was my uncles who has passed a couple years ago and I need a rebuild anyway. So I haven't heard of many people have upgraded the main internals (Much too my surprise, they're v8s who doesn't want more power) such as Billet pistons, comp cams, cnc ported heads, etc. And if I have heard of the upgrades I've mentioned they weren't all together in the same engine. I want to capture the same nature of the srt10 not with just bodykits but in power as well. I want this to be a memorial to my uncle being he was a major dodge guy. It seems only fair to make the truck in the footsteps of the srt10 sport truck (being my dakota is a sport ) if possible I'd like to upgrade the air intake and plenum and convert to duel exaust. If you could shed some wisdom I'd be thankful.
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That is a good looking Dakota in your picture.

As 8cylinder287 noted, the two vendors that specialize in the 4.7 are Airram and 3rd Strike Performance. In particular, Nick at Airram is a great resource and will advise you on what you can do.

Search in this forum and you will find many discussions on this topic. Here is a recent one -- 4.7 swap

For the 4.7 in your vehicle, some of your bolt-on options are below. These may increase horsepower by maybe 50 to 75 hp --

  • HO or 2008 - up camshafts
  • Delete clutch fan/add electric fan
  • Larger (70mm) throttle body
  • ATI SuperDamper with underdrive pulley
  • HO or 2008-up intake manifold
  • Headers and better exhaust
  • SCT custom tuning or Superchips/other tuner

For internals (and bolt-on parts), both Airram and 3rd Strike Performance can guide you.

There is also a Dodge hemi swap kit that Holley makes. There are also folks who have installed the Hellcat engine in a Dakota.
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