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Fuck it im not going though all that trouble, i have pulled my tranyn before and fixed the front main seal on it, and put it back in with the truck being about 1 foot off the ground... ill never fuck with it again, unless i have a lift. I hate transmissions...

Ill just go back down to the place i had this one built and have them rebuild it. Hopefully ill have that covered with my tax return. No way in hell im driving another sloppy ass 46re. I went 2 years with a shity ass one... i cant go back.

The more i think about my truck burning the more it fucking sucks i had SO MUCH GOD DAMN work into it.. and now i have to start alllll over...

i know exactly how u feel besides the burnign part. if i hadnt crashed id still have money and more mods done and i wouldnt have had to deal with my trans going....yet.
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