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Who's from MAINE on here?

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Im from wilton maine.
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hey jackedak03 thanks for the rims just got them on a couple of weeks ago they look good
yea u did u should have stopped by and i blew the motor in the black one
no it was a bolt from my k&n i was up in caribou
yea shit happens we were up there camping with all my buddy's so it wasn't that bad and a buddy had a car trailer up there so we just put on there

what were u getting at lambert's
what ones did they have i got 1 front and 1 rear
to many people that think they have fast thing around here just want to shut them up even thought i have faster with my stock motor
no staying with a 360 i wanna do it with a small motor
the butt hole of maine, isn't that what you guys said ? LOL
well Chris calls it the arm pit of maine
Im from Castine, well school in Castine, so il be here for the next 3 years
sweet that's a little ways from me
hows that rt handle up here, the snow is really the only reason i got a 4X4 instead of an RT, do you actually drive it in the winter or no?
no it put away for the winter i got a 94 v8 cc 4x4 i use for a daily driver
i think im going to try to find one for my next truck
i know some place around here let me know when you want to come up i can bring the jeeps out
1 - 18 of 48 Posts
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