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Who would be interested in a Be Cool Radiator for a 2001-2004 Dakota?

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I am going to send in a radiator and a fan for a 2001 to 2004 Dodge Dakota. They ballpark price they said is about 800 dollars, Marty at Be Cool said he could probably work a deal for 4-5 of them if they were all made at the same time. Assume pricing would be 750 plus shipping for a Custom Aluminum radiator. My personal one is going to be make to have the Viper fan bolt directly in, vs using any brackets. So speak up if you WANT TO buy one, not if you think you would want to buy one, or if you had the money you would buy one. Another option would be Wizard Cooling, but I can't ever get them to answer the phone. So speak up now or forever hold your peace.
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would they be the same design for a 4x4 durango?

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