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darcy said:
22 in the city?? Do you mean highway?? hmm... maybe I should be looking somewhere other that a truck for my daily driver... :(
According to the EPA results, the 3.9 isn't really a whole lot worse on gas than the 2.5... does that sound right?
The worst thing you could do would be buying another dakota (dispite the engine) for a daily driver.

The 3.9L motor is worce milage than the 4.7L.

The 2.5L will get 20-22mph in the CITY, and about 25 on the highway(IF you don't try and pass people all the time).

I suggest doing what the other guy said,... which would be getting a small little car with a tiny motor, and lay off the juice pedal.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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