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Where Can I Buy Rear Hatch Shocks?

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My stock ones are shot (133,XXX) and I wanted to know where I could find a good set of aftermarket shocks. I can't remember where I read this but I heard that Monroe makes a set so good, you need to use both hands to close the lift gate. I'm mostly concerned about using them in the winter because shocks/gas doesn't seem to work as well in the winter. Oh, and I already did a search for this topic but came up empty handed. :huh:
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And to update everyone about the hatch shocks, RockAuto delivered them on Wednesday and I am going to install them today hopefully. I need a T30 bit to screw them on and get the old ones off!
I installed them this morning, it was pretty easy, just use a T30 bit to take the old ones out and screw the new ones in. The Monroe's will open the hatch up by itself, slowly but surely (exterior temp is only 25 degrees remember) and they don't go up all the way, only to about 3 inches below max. height, which is perfect to hit your head on :( but I can push it up all the way and it will stay there, I just wish it went all the way up automatically.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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