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wheel spacers

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whats your opinion on wheel spacers
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Where is the logic behind all of your posts?

You're applying the EXACT same amount of leverage on the studs by putting on wheels with less backspacing as you would be with putting wheel spacers (shims or bolt-on) of equal length.

All the GMC and ford trucks of the 80's/90's that ran 15x10s where the hub mounting face was an inch or two from the back of the wheel, think they were snapping studs non-stop so much that it was a safety hazard?

All you're doing is applying extra leverage to the wheel bearing and ball joints. All it means is you're going to do some front end work sooner. Pay to play.
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The spacers were custom built from T6 aluminum by a local machine shop, with over 60 years experience, to be hub centric. These were not some cheapo spacers.

Spacers breaking does happen. It adds another failure point to the wheel area. Instead of the wheel being bolted to a steel hub, it is bolted to a chunk of aluminum. have seen one that haven't completely failed, but had cracked around the lug area. Spacers are not designed for heavy stress or weight. They are strictly for cosmetic use.
Went to the machine shop with 60 years experience, then went with dollar store studs sounds like the story.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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