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Went to go get my truck aligned since i have just changed out my springs to some new performance lowering springs ...well the guy told me he couldnt cuz my bearings were shot.

Ive never changed out wheel bearings before, so i was wondering how hard is this to do, what tools will i need and if you have done this what are the best bearings to buy.





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2wd's are a bit different from 4x4's. It's super easy instead of easy LOL!

You need a 35mm socket, torque wrench and a breaker bar.
You remove the caliper and rotor, then remove the 35mm "do not re use" nut on the spindle and pull the old unit bearing off!
Then install the new unit bearing and get a new spindle nut from the dealer (or loctite your old one) remember to torque the nut to 185 ft lbs.

Dont get the "ebay" unit bearings, they look nice but they are total crap; I'm using my ebay POS as a spare tire carrier lol! Get the Timken unit bearing from AMAZON, their price was better then rock-auto and came with free shipping!
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