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Wheel and tire combo.

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Just wondering what people think is the best wheel and tire sizes are a good look for an 02 dakota 4wd extended cab not lifted. Im going for an off road look.
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I always run 31's on my 2000 Durango. They are the biggest you can go stock with your stock wheels which I'm guessing is what it would be on Dakota's. I agree with Ed in that I'm function before looks. I will say this though, pickups are generally squirrely on the back end in inclimate weather as a general rule of thumb. If you get deep lug mudders and 90-95% of your driving is on pavement, have fun. The soft rubber on wet roads will make your rear end spin on wet roads when you give it gas at a stop light. In my experience even with a positive traction rear end in one of my old trucks it still did it and when I tried to hill climb in soft shale all I did was dig a hole with the big lugs. I live in the northeast and I run a mud/snow tire year around, it has better traction and a more agressive look (if that's what you want) then all terrain tires. Just do you research on tire ratings. I am currently running general grabber mtx. This past winter when we had 2' of snow, I blazed my own path through virgin snow and it walked right through like nothing and I was pushing snow with the front bumper. On dry roads they're quiet and so far they are wearing good. Just remember the softer the tire the shorter the tread life on paved roads.
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