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What the pcm?

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98 Dodge Durango. I'd like some advice before I drop more money on this beast. The water pump bearing went out, so I fixed it, no prob. The next day on the way to work my "check gages" light came on, my battery was draining. WTF. Figure it's the alt, no that checked out at AutoZone. Battery? No that's fine too. Bad connections? Nope. What the shiz? I've narrowed it down to the computer, (pcm) went out? I guess. Or because I disconnected my battery I have to restart the pcm? Cheapest one I found is still over 200$ and I got my first born coming any day now. I appreciate any help, At least from someone that knows. I'm tired of getting half ass advice.
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PCM is the power control module. How did you come to the conclusion it was your PCM? I seriously doubt that your battery drain is the PCM. It is much more likely to be a short somewhere in the circuitry. Here are some good steps on how to find it so you don’t have to guess and waste a bunch of time & money.

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