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How is the O2 sensor tied in to the tranny?

I needed to put a muffler on my 98 dak and fix the cat pipe also put a new O2 sensor in the Y-pipe as I was getting P0138 code (O2 sensor bank high). O2sensor was disconnected behind the cat and did what i need to do to the pipe.I put back together noticed check engine light was on figuring that it was the P0138 again.I went for a ride it was like iI had lost 1st gear, so I put the code scanner in the connector port found P1762(Tranny malfuntion).I tryed to erace it. It would clear until I start it up. It would pop the code again. Then I decided to pull the O2 sensor plug and plug it back in, to make sure I had it in correctly. It was. I went and started it again no code this time thinking it was just a fluke I didnt think anymore about.
A couple weeks later that code started to pop up almost daily and Id lose 1ST gear. I'd stop and erace the code and continue on.I started doing searches on several websites only finding 3or4 other articles on the P1762 code. After reading them I decided to change the gov sensor switch. I called different places to find one I kept hearing dealer part. I called the dealer (parts). He said there was no listing for that. He said could it be called a transducer. I told him I didnt really know what it looked like, where it was or what it was accually called. Anyway I got the part. Tonight I decided to put it in so I got the fluid and filter and put all this stuff into the 46RE. After I was done, I took the truck down town for a test drive. It ran great. The wife wanted something from the store. I went to the store came back out thinking I had it fixed.I started it up check engine light was on again.I checked the code P1762 again. Dang now I got to take it to a tranny shop well anyway I was ready to pull out my hair. I thought about the O2 sensor and Thought It was a long shot pulled the plug to the O2 sensor let run drove around and still no code taped O2 connector plugs up separatly

So how does the O2 sensor trip a tranny code?
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