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How old are you!?

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We all aspire to own a vehicle we grew up with, like the 50-something guys with 60s/70s muscle cars. Me, I grew up with the Dakotas lol.

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I'm 69 years old. 'Bought my 2000 R/T new when I was 57. Raced the piss out of it for the first 3 years. All total... it has 134 mods that I can recall. Some of the mods have been 'modded' with something else but I don't count those. This truck is fast for an NA... As you can prob'ly assume, this ain't my first rodeo, but it is my first Mopar. I did it right. Anything else I could think of doing would be cosmetic, other than a blower. 'Thought about that. Vortech or ATI. I can't justify the expense tho.

The Cam's a 210X (210/220, 100LSA) and will throw a cylinder misfire code about once a week. I didn't want to go too radical 'cause i still have to pass emissions. Heads are R/T magnum 2.02" Intake, 1 5/8" (Exhaust Part # P5007141) with a 3 angle valve job. The Crower 1.6 s/s roller rocker set-up is so weird it'd taka paragraph to describe it. The TB is F&B 2x52x55 suckin' 980 CFM thru a Mopar extrusion honed (2bbl) M-1 intake w/matched ports and a large 'turtle in the interior plenum to prevent chaotic bounce.

When I fire this up it turns heads. I pulled into a joint out here one day 'n this guy comes runnin' out of the bar... 'thought it was somebody stealin' his motorcycle. Tru duals... twin 3" Catco's, Spintechs... out the side exhaust. Lord knows what'd it'd sound like with 'Flows.

The drivetrain has a lot to do with everything. This has a bullet proof Martin Saine 46RE and Precision Industries 10" 4,200 stall A-518 lock-up converter to Yukon 4:10's and an Auburn posi. Caltracs, and Hotchkiss TVS w/Bilstiens handle traction/suspension. I've had to replace my original B&M shifter 'cause I wore it out with this.

I recently offed the K&N X-Stream and K&N filter for n 14x2" Eddy dry type. The heat 'n stuff was makin' a mess with the filter fluid of the K&N. 'Rubber is recent... Pirelli's... A little soft but OK.

What I really want'a do is put the truck in black satin w/full moons on all 4 corners 'n add an interior roll bar.


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I'm too old for this shit. That makes me 35. I got my first Dak when I was 11-12 & I've still got it. It's seen a few snowstorms & has some corrosion & the chrome is flaking off, but it's spent most of it's life in the house. Here it is:

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