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2002 Dodge Dakota SXT 3.9L 4X4
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So it looks like 2001/2002 and up the Dakotas and Durangos went to that wonky integrated turn signal hazard flasher unit that looks like two standard 5 pin relays smushed together with 4 extra small pins beneath.
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My question is what exactly are those small pins used for and are they necessary? Couldn't I just get two standard turn signal flashers like the 2000 and older trucks used and swap them in?

I'm asking because apparently back when these trucks were relatively new that module only cost about 20-30 bucks. Now where I am the dealer and auto parts stores want over $250 for the stupid thing... Whereas two standard 5 pin flashers would run me like $20. Anyone ever try swap back to the old school style?
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