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What did you name your truck

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Just wanna see some of the names ya'll came up with to call ur trucks. Just curious of the names after someone named they jetta dory, wanna see your weird and ridiculous names.

I call mine Fred
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My daughter was 4 when she called it “Black Lightning” lol. Now she’s 17 and is too scared to learn to drive it

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That’s a killer shot! Is that before the body lift? The exhaust looks to be right up under the bumper like how it used to be.
Thanks, one of my fav pics of it. That’s a shot from before the 3” body lift when it justhad the leveling kit and blocks on the leaf springs. It looked better at that time because it also had wheel spacers which I got rid because they were eBay junk and I didn’t trust them. I liked the look though and I want to get better quality spacers soon because they did look pretty good. But I thought the truck rode very rough and the angles with the leveling kit and blocks were way too steep for this truck. Ate through front end parts like crazy. I’m going to move the exhaust pipes up eventually but I tried and couldn’t get them loose. They are fused on. I do think the truck looked better with the leveling kit than with the body lift. But now with the body lift I love the ride quality.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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