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What did you eat today?

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Like the title says - what did you eat today?

We used to have a thread that only discussed lunch breaks, but a lot of people only surf here in the evenings after work so I figured we might as well include other meals.
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a bagel for breakfast, spinach and carrots at lunch. then some pizza rolls and a bunch of bourbon for dinner.
Had a piece of chicken for lunch, and some pizza for dinner. Then beers
had some taco pie, pizza whatever you call it. sucked but it was better than cooking. also about 10 beers so far.
From morning to now: 3 pieces of bacon, 1 pancake, 2 pieces of halloween candy meant for the neighbor kids, an onion bagel for dinner, Jack, and plenty of beer. Probably some chips later or fruity pebbles if I get drunk enough.
left over bbq for lunch/dinner and booze
mid rare steak with onions and rice for lunch. then rest of steak with a salad for dinner. tasty shit
toast with peach pecan preserves, then grilled cheese, and for dinner cheese steaks on hoagie rolls with onion. had the day off, so I actually ate all 3 meals
oh yea, lots of beer too
cold lasagna for breakfast and tacos for lunch/dinner
great updates guys. brandy, also had some Colombian coffee for breakfast
corn english muffins, then bbq, then beer
also pop tarts now. cookies and creme
beer and some tacos. also.... something for breakfast that I don't remember. I think a bagel
steak and onions for dinner. other than that some coffee. and beer of course
protein bar for breakfast, and lunch. then turkey burgers for dinner. and now a few pretzels and a mason jar full of goodness
beer, scotch, pizza, and protein bars. not in that order
chex mix, beer, and pork chops
1 - 17 of 117 Posts
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