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What did you eat today?

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Like the title says - what did you eat today?

We used to have a thread that only discussed lunch breaks, but a lot of people only surf here in the evenings after work so I figured we might as well include other meals.
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college food and lean cuisine crap stuff, and some beer :D
a bagel for dinner, trying to eat healthy again
oooo was she dessert or the main course :D
pretzels, donuts this morning, and a lean pocket for lunch
absolutely nothing.
Pork Chops for lunch and an arney palmey :D
ive had nothing. some popcorn and snickers thats it. hate being sick
had some food parents had leftover. and some pie. that was all I had all day besides the single donut for breakfast
has me some sandweech, and a couple hot dogs, and thats it
nothing but beer. fucked
little bit of nothing, and steak for dinner. Thats all I have eaten today
I had a piece of pie, and 2 small cinnamon rolls
nothing again
havent ate since being up today.
A sandwich, some lays stackers
had yogurt for breakfast, ham sandwich, and cookout for dinner
Man, you guys eat like shit. Are you all homeless or something?
im a college student right now, with a business and working landscape on the side. Money goes for groceries, gas and bills
1 - 18 of 117 Posts
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