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Well Tony, it looks like you posted this back in Feb, but to answer your question, I tow a 2,000 lb pop up with ease. Hardly know its back there. I too have the 3.55 rear, and would much rather have a 3.92 or 4.10 (anyone selling, or have info??). Initially I would turn off the OD, and that works fine at highway, but you'll find that overall you'll be happier leaving the OD on, since the electronic Auto finds the right gear pretty well. I found when you turn off the OD, the tranny seems to linger in that hi gear, and doesn't want to downshift.

At any rate, if you have the Class IV hitch, you can take on 5,000 lbs just fine (based on what your trucks manual says). In NYS trailer brakes are required over 2,000lbs, and I recommend them, since our Dakota's do not have 4wheel disc, and in my opinion, are the weakest link.

I just took the family camping in the Adirondack park this weekend. No sweat climbing the mountain hills, and I found when you are comming out of the mountains, downshift down the hills and push the OD off button. The engine acts like a Jake Brake (or Bridle Brake) of a tractor trailer. You can really feel the drag, like the fuel pump was shut down. I've read that our tranny has 2 second gears, one for accel, and one for decel. Might just as well use it!!
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