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We Need A Spring Maryland Meet

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Who is interested in putting one together. My truck is up and running again and I would love to attend one.

Where would be a good location that is centralized and what month would be good?

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Id be in as soon as my motor is done
Any of you guy doing the show in OC June 8-9?
I guess we would need to know who all is in before setting a meeting spot. I would think naptown before the bridge would be ok to meet up.
2. Blk03R/T (JJ)

1. Dodgebigblue (James)
Ok i gota know now
Any word on a meet i see it kinda dropped off
about a hour ride for me but im game:drive:
Anyone hitting the show saturday? Id like to bring out the dakota even tho it need paint lol
So ya whats going on any good shows coming this weekend
I think the best way is to just set a date, time and loction and people we show up
Anyone in MD up for a end of the year meet?
What kinda meet is it?
1 - 13 of 40 Posts
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