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Water leaking in floor board

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I have water leaking into the driver side floor board.Only gets wet when it rains.Any ideas?
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This truck didn't come from NY did it? I swear my boss was just talking about his 06 he had just this morning.. He had the same problem and the dealer gave him a run around for ever with it. He finally traded it in with only 12k on the clock, and bought a Ford. He said it only leaked if it was facing the same direction when it rained. if he turned the truck around it would stop. maybe the bottom of the windshield sealant is bad? Maybe coming through the cowl somewhere?
Yup I'd lay the hose right on the cowl and make sure the truck is facing up hill so the water takes longer to run off or out of where it puddles up.. If you find it please let me know so I can tell him about this. I know he's long gotten rid of it but he'd be interested for sure.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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