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Don't be "That Guy"
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there's a guy somewhere around here that has one done up in full camo..not the blotchy army paint but the computer printed graphics with branches and leaves and shit on it.

he stopped by my house to pick up a bed liner I was giving away for free...his truck looked pretty sweet and I told him to check out this website, but he never did.

I felt bad for the guy, because I promised him I'd hold the liner for him till the weekend when he could get it. so I held onto it after listing it on craigs for free. but since I work nights, and sleep in on Saturday mornings, I drug it out closer to the road when I got home that night, incase he came before I woke up in the morning. well, I was up at around 9:30, saw some guy stop, toss it in his truck and go...and I thought "gee, what a jerk, didn't even knock to say thanks for holding it for me!"

then he showed up around 11, and rang the doorbell..."I'm here to pick up the dakota bed liner you were holding for me?"

aw FUCK! I felt like a total douche, cause he drove like and hour and a half to come pick it up too, and I promised him it would be here!:sorry:
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