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Featured Truck of the Month Competition

Step 1: Draw Attention!

People who are interested in becoming a featured truck of the month should post pictures on the website in the Photos & Videos forum. People won't nominate your truck(s) if they don't know what they look like!

It doesn't matter whether your truck is stock or modified, old or new. There is a lot of people on this site that appreciate a clean looking, well-maintained truck. Get some pictures posted!

Click Here to go to the Photos & Videos Forum. Post your pictures there.

Step 2: Nominations

Somewhere around the 10th of the month, DirtyR/T will begin accepting nominations for featured truck of the month.

Rule #1: Nominations are sent to DirtyR/T via Private Messages.
Rule #2: You can't nominate yourself.
Rule #3: You may nominate up to 2 separate trucks per month.
Rule #4: Previous TOM winners must wait 12 months before they are eligible for new nominations.

Click Here to send DirtyR/T a Private Message with your nominations.

Step 3: Vote!

Somewhere around the 20th of the month, DirtyR/T will take the top nominees for that month and start a poll where users on the site can vote for who they think should be featured truck of the month. A separate thread will be generated where the top nominees may post additional pictures of their trucks so people can make their decision.

Rule #1: The poll results will be invisible during the voting process.
Rule #2: You must have been a member of the site for 30 days for your vote to count.
Rule #3: You must have at least 20 posts on the site for your vote to count.
Rule #4: Votes submitted from users who don't qualify for Rule #2 & #3 will be removed from the final results.

The poll will close on or about the 1st of the month, and the winner will be announced in the Featured Truck forum.
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