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Walbro 255 Install help PLEASE!

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Okay so I've read the install how to on here for the holley fuel pump. The pictures don't work though and I am banging my head against a wall here trying to figure this out. Cant seem to find what I need to get it out.

I need help trying to remove the stock fuel pump. No from the tank, from the unit itself. I have the casing split apart and everything disconnected, I'm just having a bitch of a time on the "tricky" part as the how to states it. I don't exactly know if I'm even trying to undo the proper clips to get it out. :huh::cussing::cussing:

Please any help or direction on how to get this thing out would be greatly appreciated!

Just FYI Installing Walbro GSS342 and removing stock fuel pump.

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Found it! there is a video on youtube! LSDak put a video up.
Check this out for anyone who is looking to do this!! Very helpful!
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