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Wagovanman's Dakota Project.

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So let get this thing going.
Truck: 2000 Dodge Dakota Quad cab Sport.
Engine: Stock 4.7 Magnum
Trans: Automatic 4 spd w/4wd
Miles: 301,482
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I gave 500 dollars for this truck. I knew there would be issues but you dont pass up on a running 500 dollar truck these days. Issues I have run into so far have been 3 (in a row) faulty (owners fault) Throttle Position sensors. What I didnt know that I now know is that when you install a TPS you do so with a 1/4 turn of the sensor because there is a spring inside that lil bastid.... Clogged cat, which I removed from the manifold back and installed a straight 2.5 inch pipe with a turbo (cheap) muffler.... and Rust, OMG Becky would you look at that Rust. Its just so............. Ok I will stop now. Needless to say after 300,000 miles of Minnesota salt its rusty underneath. How rusty you ask? Well, I am glad you asked here are a few pictures of the frame right in front of the leaf spring hangars.
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Is that rusty enough for ya? Well, me being the genius that I am I had to do some fabrication to stiffen this situation up. so i got out the Die Grinder some 1.5 inch square tube steel and got to cutting and welding. Ive got videos of this on my tiktok but the files are too large for me to send from my phone to my email so i can upload them here :(
and this is what I came up with.
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And in Primer

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I don't claim to be a fabricator or anything of the sort but this worked as a temporary measure. My nephew currently has the truck at a jobsite in Arkansas and the Welds and Bolts are holding. But, I know they are not going to hold forever so i went and bought this yesterday. It's a 99 Dodge Dakota Sport Club cab (they both have the 131" frames so I am praying that they match up.

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I read somewhere online that the frame was the same for both trucks the Club cab has a longer bed and the Quad cab has a shorter bed to make up for the lost frame length. We are going to see though. It was a real pain in the A to get this donor off the trailer by myself but here are some photos of it happening. I jacked up the front with a Cherry picker, then ran a tow strap from the frame to a tree and drug that bastid off the trailer.

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And here it sits on 4 jack stands. slowly being stripped of the parts I will not reuse. Any thoughts on how I can get the body off the frame solo? Also, I have been thinking about doing a dual gas tank setup since I now have an extra gas tank. Thoughts on that anyone?
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Well I got the body off the frame. unbolted it Got the frame as close to the ground as I could, and rolled that bastard right off the frame.
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Its got some surface rust on it but over all a really good frame for the price I gave. I will flap wheel the rust and respray it all over with under-body coating. One thing I noticed right away. the body mount locations are a little different. I think what I will have to do with that is cut off my old ones Weld 1/8" steel plate to the back of them and then bolt them to the new frame with some grade 8 bolts. Can anyone tell what that small box/tank is for directly across from the red floor jack? It has a small vacuum line that runs to the top of the gas tank. A small line and a 3/4" hose that runs to the front some where in the engine bay. Since the truck had no front clip engine or trans. I dont know what they hooked up to. I am thinking maybe the CA. clean air act BS. If that is what it is can I safely remove that stuff without affecting engine performance?
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Thank for the info @immattj I will check on that more after class. I have the service manual but it's such a pain in the ass to find anything in it. CEL's I'm not to worried about I have an endless one now due to missing downstream 02 sensor. I will post more from home later.
So I am running into Cab mount issues and bed mount location differences. a few questions I have right now are.
Is the suspension the same from a 99 club cab to a 2000 quad cab? is the rear end mounting location the same from year to year. Are the Engine mounts the same? both are 4x4. both have the 4.7 I am sure there are other questions I need to ask but those are the most pressing right this minute.
@Zaan Could you shed some light on this last question maybe?
Update: Well the cab has been stripped of all usable parts (usable to me anyhow) and cut up into tiny pieces that I can transport easily with my broke ass Dak. Going to start working on the frame again after the holidays. (hopefully some warm weather will be forthcoming) Right now it has been around 11-19 degrees here in the Mountains of GA really unseasonable for us. Will update soon after I go buy a used lower control arm and Spindle for the drivers side so I can at least get this thing on wheels and make it easier to move around.
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