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fzmax said:
The Vortech on my 98 Dakota was starting to get noisy so I pulled it off and dismantled it. Upon inspection I found the seal behind the impeller was starting to weep and bearings didn’t feel as smooth as they should. To my surprise Vortech will not sell the parts to the public and I have been unable to locate quality high-speed bearings to fit.

At this point I’d hate to have to send it to them for a rebuild so I’ll save that for a last resort. I’m hoping to find either a source for the proper bearings or a better head unit that is reasonably priced. I’m also considering fabricating a turbo set up and using the air hat with the extra injectors that came with the Vortech kit.

The truck in question is a 98 Dakota with a 5.2 and a 5 speed. It was running about 12 PSI and except for two blown intake gaskets it has been trouble free since I installed the blower about 30,000 miles ago. Any suggestions or direction would be appreciated.
I have a Vortech for sale( see for sale post).
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