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fzmax said:
Well, I think I found a source for the bearings and seals, Supercharger Rebuilds. I sent them an email and I will post here when they get back to me. Their site is pretty weak but it lists the bearings and seals for $295. Not cheap but better than paying Vortech more to rebuild it.
He is a good guy. I know of a couple people who have used him to rebuild Powerdynes, both on Daks and Stangs. I've talked to him a couple times about finding 7 and 8 rib pulleys, he was pretty cool on finding some in his parts stash. The guys that have him rebuild the Powerdynes have all been happy with the work, and really makes the Powerdyne a much more reliable blower. Still not in the league of Paxton/Vortech, but good for those on a budget. I would thin the work he does on a Vortech would be just as good.
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