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I've had the Volant kit in my truck for a few months now. I loved the gain and sound, but I'm changing kits to the 360 intakes one. My problem is, is when I installed the Volant kit, on the fender where the factory box was, I stink I stripped the stud coming through. It's weird because the nut for the cold air box, isn't even all the way tightened down. That make sense? Anyways, the bracket just spins in place. Do I have to take out the inner fender liner to get to the bracket to take it out? Does the 360 intake use that same bolt to mount their heat shield? The reason why I'm changin kits, is because the Volant one came with an AFE filter, and it looked REALLY thin compared to some other filters like the K&N. Thanks for all your inputs.
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