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2003 brake upgrade on 1998-2002?

I'm new to modding Dodges, but have done some research on the Durangos for when we sell our 1998 SLT. I see the 2003 models got bigger (12.x") front brakes than the 1998-2002 models (11.x"). We have owned two 1998 Durangos, and the brakes have been lousy on both (we have not tried slotted rotors & HP pads though). I believe they are undersize for the application, and apparently Dodge did too since they put bigger rotors on the 2003 models.

What this is leading up to is putting the 2003 brakes on a 1998-2001. On my 1995 Trans Am, Pontiac put undersize (10.x") rotors on it. The 1998 up models had larger rotors and it is a relatively simple procedure to put those style brakes on the car. I ended up putting C5 Vette brakes with slotted rotors & Hawk HP pads on mine (12.8" rotors with lots of aftermarket & GM support) and the difference is night & day :toast: . The brackets were like $250, the rotors $200, the calipers $150, the SS brake hoses about $75, and the labor was of course free :) .

I plan on looking into this since the truck my wife wants is a Patriot Blue 2001 R/T :cool: (color unavailable on the 2003 R/T :rant: ) and I want her to have the best brakes possible (on our budget anyway). I'm thinking someone has tried to do this or has done it. :confused:

I suppose then the next issue is finding performance pads & rotors for the 2003 brake setup.

FWIW, I tried to talk her into keeping the '98 and putting a 406 in it with a blower :D but got shot down.
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