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i have the 568xv alarm on my 98 CC, and i am having trouble with the driver's side power lock. i hit the button on the driver's door to lock and it just clicks, but when i hit unlock, it unlocks. the passenger door both lock and unlock work fine as well as when i use the factory remote for either function. the viper remote will arm/disarm the alarm and will unlock the doors, but not lock them. when the 568xv was installed i also needed a "5 wire" adapter for the locks to work with the alarm. i know my driver's switch is good because it was already replaced to solve the problem and it made no difference. i think the solenoid is ok because i hear the clicking. i know that the 2 wires from the drivers locking switch are the orange/violet and the pink/violet wires. i sorta traced them back into the dash but dont see any issues. i was hoping someone on here has the wiring diagram for the 568xv and the separate diagram for the 5 wire adapter. any help is appreciated!
1 - 5 of 7 Posts
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