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This will probably be a long post because I want to be detailed about my problem, so let me first say exactly what the problem is first.

AM/FM Works perfectly, good sound, etc. CD-in, SIRIUS, and CD player do not send sound out to the speakers. Only Am/FM works.

I have a 2002 Dakota Quad with the Infinity system. I don't know if I have an infinity amp in it because honestly I didn't look too hard and I didn't see it. I left the speakers in there, I have Infinity components on order as well as a 4ch Audiobahn amp, both which will likely solve my issues when they arrive but I'd like to listen to SIRIUS in the meantime.

I have a Panasonic CQ-DF903U head unit and a CR-SRT100 Sirius tuner. I've had both of these working in my 240sx for about a year, I did the install. I removed the equipment 2 days ago and installed it into my Dakota today. I bought a Dakota <--> Universal wiring harness from circuit city and cut the universal off. I used my Panasonic side of my old wiring harness and matched up the colors, left front right rear, etc etc. I know it's all correct because I can fade/balance in FM and hear that its all right.

I know my Sirius service and tuner is working, because my head unit is displaying the song and artist that is playing on the screen, unfortunately, no sound comes out, not even a hiss when i turn it up to 40. The internal deck CD player does the same thing, which leads me to believe that there IS an amp installed from the truck and the amp is not working because there is some sort of signal that my aftermarket head lacks that my OEM head unit had.

One install note, there is a brown wire with a white stripe(Panasonic deck side of harness) that I did not connect. It says nothing on the wire. I also did not connect the 'Illumination' wire(Dakota side of the wire harness), orange with white stripe. My problem might have something to do with those two wires, but I don't want to hook them to anything because I have no idea what the brown wire with the while strip is.

Any and all help appreciated. ;)
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