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Verify transmission

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I've been scouring this forum and the internet at large in an attempt to figure out what transmission is in my dak. I've got a 99 5.2L Sport 4x4 w/auto trans. I've gotten different answers from multiple VIN "decoders" telling me it's a 44RE or a 46RE while my Haynes manual says the V8s all came with 46RE I believe. I've tried finding a stamp on the trans but couldn't find one and didn't see any info on the truck itself. Does anyone know whether it's a 44 or 46 or how I can tell which it is?
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I had THOUGHT that you would have the the 44RE in a '99 with a 318 and that is also what this site
seems to think, but, I note that under your Dak and engine Rockauto is showing parts for both the 44 AND 46.

But here
you can compare the transmission pans for both transmissions, and that would be a way to verify for sure.

Also, there may be a sticker in your glovebox with the transmossion code? (Not the VIN.)

Oh, and your '99 is a Gen2, not a Gen3. (I only pointed that out because you posted in the Gen3 subforum. Not that it matters to me.)
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