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v6 durango?

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was there such thing as a first gen durango with a v6 heres an ad i found with one in it http://tampa.craigslist.org/pnl/ctd/3014366699.html
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In 1998 it was one of the engine choices. I think I read somewhere that 92 were made for 1998 and very briefly in the beginning of 1999. Considering how the 1998 was 4x4 only and the engine is so gutless it would have been a real road turd. Perhaps that's why so few were made?

At any rate, I'd love to have one just because of its uniqueness. Maybe it might be a collector's item some day? :huh:
I wonder if that one was really a v6 since it was an 02 but i would like to have one since it would be different and I already have a 4.7 durango that has good power

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thought 98's were rwd. Or i had read they were
98 were all 4x4 99 they started 2wd
There was 1 for sell on criagslist in DC a few months ago that was a 2wd V6 99'
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