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Just for anyone interested, Mopar dyno day at my work next month.

So far we've got 8 guys saying they can make it, but we all know plans change.

Here's the details.

What: All Mopar dyno day, Anything goes from stock Neon to track monster.
Where: Premier Performance 8261 South Redwood Road
When: February 25th starts at 9 A.M. and will go until finished.
Price: $45 for 3 pulls with Air/Fuel readings, Horsepower, and Torque #'s

We will have our All Wheel Drive dyno up and running by then also.

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March 31st Dyno Day list (So far, feel free to add yourself and others that know they can come!)

1. militaryguy
2. sodbuster
3. DartBoy01
4. srt801
5. acr801
6. terro45
7. alpinewil81 (maybe)
8. 4fishlimit
10. 70ChargerRTSE_Lee
11. challengeit
12. ponch79
13. 1sikcharger
14. FrenicX

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Not that I'm aware of, I'll let you know if I get word though.

But if you just wanted to swing by one day we could strap it down for you for $75
75?! But you're like my half brother in law in law! Just messin haha. Yea I think I might be ready here in a bit. Its on the road now.

Going to wire up the wideband in the next couple days, maybe get an email tune or two in and see how it fairs with a real dyno.

Hemi swapped 2005 Dodge Dakota
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