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Unibody Dakota! Must See!

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1989 Dodge Dakota 4x4 Custom for sale in my area. Thought it was pretty cool looking. The previous owner obviously put a lot of $$ into it. Any idea how he did those body mods???? Post your comments about this truck!! I wanna know what you guys think of the "custom dakotas" in my area!!!

1989 DODGE DAKOTA SPORT 4X4 5 Speed V8 5.9 *LIKE NO OTHER!!!!

I would drive it. lol.
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Not a unibody, but pretty unique. He should have came up with something that folds up for in between the bed and the cab for security.
its not really a unibody... right? unibody vehicles and the rotary engine are 2 things Ive never understood. You can show me a diagram and like an animated movie about how a rotary engine works and I still dont get it... its just so bass ackwards
All you need to know about rotary engines is to run away! haha...unibody is a chassis/body as one piece, like on all cars/most small suv's made today. Not unibody is something like this where the body is on a frame.
Yep my brother owns a 98 rx7, hes replaced the seals 3 times.
98? So he imported it here? And yes, the seals don't make 100k with the turbo'd ones, LS/2JZ swaps FTW!
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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