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Underline the style of your Dodge Dakota with APG Symbolic Grille

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Custom grilles have always been one of the most distinctive car accessories. When you're seeking for the new grille, you're always looking for something unique. APG Symbolic Grille is definitely the one worthy your attention.

APG symbolic grille will make your Dodge look special with the unique logo inspired contour, that is so pleasant for every Dodge enthusiast. Beside the Dodge logo they have many other options to any taste such as flames, skulls, spider webs, and the US flag. It is available for the Dodge Dakota 1997-2011 and Dodge Durango 1998-2013.


- Designed for perfect fit on your specific vehicle model
- CNC machined from a single sheet of metal
- Polished to chrome shine
- Installation instructions are included.

APG offers great variety of different grilles, and if you're looking for something exclusive for your vehicle, check all the options they offer at CARiD.com: APG | Custom Billet Aluminum & Mesh Grilles - CARiD.com

What do you think about this grille? Leave your inquiries in the comments below or in PM, and don't forget to include your zip and email!
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