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Turbo 3.9 build

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Started the buying process for my turbo setup today... heres the blow off valve and turbo charger. Its a Garrett GT3076R. :D


comparison of 2 turbine housings. the bigger one (1.06 A/R) came mounted as you can see...the smaller one is a .82 A/R


aaaand i got trigger happy (inside of compressor)

:D!!! im excited...

mopar318 is actually building me a custom turbo manifold similar to the one from his build. Will update as progress moves forward!
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so when are you going to start mass producing manifolds? v8 ones that is.
Never, because no one will buy them.
i think people would if you changed the design up alittle bit.
I could make a set of tube headers like Im making for kindweiler, along with the driver side header, and crossover tube so everything is bolt on, but no one is going to want to pay $1000 for a set of turbo headers in the dakota world.

Is just plain ol stupid to try and market something so custom, for such a small group of people.

Going turbo is not cheap, and when most people see the prices on this stuff, they back out and just buy a supercharger, or nitrous.

I make alot more money doing motor mounts, charge piping, downpipes, etc.......

i see. if i cant bet my supercharger to put down some good psi i might be going to the turbo world but i dont know much about turbos so we'll see.
coolant as anitfreeze?
can you just t off though? or do you need a pump to move the coolant?
uhhh the water pump moves the coolant...
yeah but wont the coolant follow the path of least resistance and im guessing that the heater core has less resistance then the turbo and lines? but i could be wrong.cause i know for boiler piping they make a monoflow "t" that will force some of the water one way and let some go the normal way(to the heater core) but i dont know if they have some thing for this
ok thanks.
well thanks again . im trying to get all the info about turbos because if i cant get belt slip undercontrol im going turbo, now i just need to learn about wastegates and timers and such.
well ive been reading every forum they are in so im headed in the right direction.
just bought an MSD 6BTM for $254 shipped from a guy on a mustang forum !! :D

its used. but better than paying $400+shipped new IMO

pics when it gets here. :)
its all good i got mine off here for cheap also just dont do what i did and just check to see if the 2 little wire loops are cut or not and for yours you are actually want one cut. but make sure it is the right one.
you have a v6 correct? look on msd web site and it will tell what color should be cut.
you want to cut the red one. and make sure the blue is intact.
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if you have an even fire engine i dont know about that.
The 6A, 6T and 6TN do not require any modifications to run on 4 or 6-cylinder even-fire
The Soft Touch Rev Limiter that is built into the MSD 6AL, 6BTM and 6ALN is programmed
for operation on a 8-cylinder engine. If you are installing one of these units on a 4 or 6-
cylinder even-fire engine, the ignition must be modified. This is easily achieved through the
cylinder select device on the side of the ignition. To program the unit:
1. Locate and remove the round black cover with a single Phillips screw.
2. There are two wire loops, a Red and Blue loop. Refer to the chart in Figure 2 to determine
which loop to cut for your application.
3. After cutting the loop(s), turn the wire ends away from each other so they cannot come
into contact. Install the cover and screw.
Note: MSD offers Ignition Controls for odd-fire 6-cylinder engines: 6A, PN 6246 and the 6T,
PN 6446.
Wire Length: All of the wires of the MSD Ignition may be shortened as long as quality
connectors are used or soldered in place. To lengthen the wires, use one size bigger gauge
wire (10 gauge for the power leads and 16 gauge for the other wires) with the proper
connections. All connections must be soldered and sealed.
Figure 2 Selecting the number of Cylinders.

thats from msd website
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where did you get the flange from?
he probably means the header flange
good job looks real nice. every time i come to this thread or see your signature i wish i would have gone turbo
what happen to the intercooler piping???? its all smashed
that sucks about the money, but hopfully you get it under control.
use a msd btm for timing control and a digital fmu to control fuel that will get you pretty far tuning wise.

I forgot all about this site until I got the notification for this thread I probably havn't been on here in years!!
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