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Turbo 3.9 build

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Started the buying process for my turbo setup today... heres the blow off valve and turbo charger. Its a Garrett GT3076R. :D


comparison of 2 turbine housings. the bigger one (1.06 A/R) came mounted as you can see...the smaller one is a .82 A/R


aaaand i got trigger happy (inside of compressor)

:D!!! im excited...

mopar318 is actually building me a custom turbo manifold similar to the one from his build. Will update as progress moves forward!
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Please tell me you made a jig when you were building this!:mullet:
Sure, if he keeps it below 8 psi. On a stronger motor, MSD, FMU, etc he could probably push more.

I'm gonna go check and see if the LS1 Edit people caught up with the V6 Dodges- they released a V6 F-Car Program -
whats with this V6 fcar program?
HP Tuners started off with LS1 laptop based (Windows) tuning, which was out of this world when it first came out. They later expanded the program, allowing the OBDII V6 crowd to tune the same way - making the horsepower possibilities endless.

When I had my turbo 96 Camaro, I could barely get it to 300whp due to tuning issues. There's now guys running 5-600whp in their daily drivers, and a few guys running 1000+ hp on track cars (built turbo motors of course).

I e-mailed HP Tuners, and they said that a Dodge release is in the very near future. I assume that it will only be for OBDII cars, but we'll have to see.
It is nothing like SCT from what I remember.

Laptop based, plug right into your OBD II port, and away you go. Play with fuel tables, park, disable/enable sensors, play with the tranny, and much more.

HPTuners.com is the website, they have demos you can play with.:wave:
Any word if there was a jig made for the manifolds?
Welcome to the site -

The best suggestion that I could make, is, do your research.
is your friend.
First and foremost use the :search: feature- You'll find alot of helpful info on this site.

2nd - Go to Barns & Nobel/Borders, and go buy a few books on turbocharging.

There's a book out there by Coorkey Bell (I think), and another good one is through Performance How-To "Turbo - Real World High Performance Turbocharger Systems" by Jay K. Miller.

Otherwise, you can get 3 books through Mopar.

P5007610 - Magnum Engines - 2nd Edition
P4876827 - Six Cylinder Engines
P5007522- Mopar Street Truck

There is quite a bit more to turbocharging your vehicle then throwing a bunch of parts together. There's a whole science behind it. It's better to take your time, research, and spend your money wisely.

Again, goodluck in your quest to play with these trucks - they're alot of fun (and get expensive).
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Looks good - can't wait to see it all installed!
Any update pics?
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