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Turbo 3.9 build

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Started the buying process for my turbo setup today... heres the blow off valve and turbo charger. Its a Garrett GT3076R. :D


comparison of 2 turbine housings. the bigger one (1.06 A/R) came mounted as you can see...the smaller one is a .82 A/R


aaaand i got trigger happy (inside of compressor)

:D!!! im excited...

mopar318 is actually building me a custom turbo manifold similar to the one from his build. Will update as progress moves forward!
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Are you mocking the headers up off of a v8, but doing them for a V6? Wow you are definately better at this than I thought. Way to go, and great thread.
YEah I knew about the engine location, and the cylinders being basically the same minus the front two, but I just thought you deserve mad props for your skills and how you are mocking these pipes up for a fellow dak owner. I'm sure you are getting paid, either way I respect your talents.
Induction is what happens when current flows threw a wire. Basically because those two wires are running parallel like that, you will have cross induction, the two electromagnetic fiels will be crossing back in forth between the two, causing loss in the current flow. This can cause problems with the firing. I'd listen to the other guys and relocate it, in my opion the firewall is the best location, you will shorten the wire that way and get a strong spark.
Yup more than likelhy it is what is causing it. Basically as you engine loads builds, more fuel is needed, and the spark needs to be there and strong, if you have inductive interference, than your spark is weaker and you can't burn the added fuel that your engine needs at the higher RPMS. Hope this helps you with your issues, it will be more pronounced with a turbo and more power demand on your motor.
Wow, I hope you figure everything out as I'm very interested in this build.
Did this thing ever get completed. I've reread the entire thread. I know it is old, however I need to know what ever happened to this build. If you aren't going to finish it, are you willing to sell the Turbo Fold.
I am thinking actually to switch over to a ford sequential mass air flow EFI system, completely tunable significantly more robust than what our trucks have more responsive to mods, because i and many friends have ford junk too i am familiar with tuning their ecus and for 250 bucks i can have a quarter horse and i can tune it to the degree you can a stand alone at a fraction of the cost, live engine running tuning full datalogging with map and wideband etc... all i need to do is mount the ford tone ring on the balancer make a bracket for the sensor and machine a new distributor body for the ford crank sensor, then its a bunch of wiring and tuning. The other parts are otherwise free to me since i have them already.
If you are thinking about running the Ford tone ring on the balancer, than you are better off running a MS3 system. This way you won't have to machine the dissy, and you can have far more tunability than with the stock Ford system. This is the way I'm planning on going once I convince you to sell me the Turbo Fold......If you don't then I'll build one as well, but I want the one you have so lets talk business, you've got a Super Charger and a bunch of projects (I know how that goes too, Got 3 myself).
Are you still unwilling to sell the Turbo Fold? It's been a while since you last posted. I have to check in.
It's been a while, and you know how life gets in the way. I still haven't built a turbo fold for my 3.9. That said, I'm just going to throw my Powerdyne on it until I do the 5.7 Hemi Swap I have planned. At that point I'll most likely do a turbo setup for the hemi. Thanks for the response.
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