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Turbo 3.9 build

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Started the buying process for my turbo setup today... heres the blow off valve and turbo charger. Its a Garrett GT3076R. :D


comparison of 2 turbine housings. the bigger one (1.06 A/R) came mounted as you can see...the smaller one is a .82 A/R


aaaand i got trigger happy (inside of compressor)

:D!!! im excited...

mopar318 is actually building me a custom turbo manifold similar to the one from his build. Will update as progress moves forward!
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badass, what kinda boost are we lookin at here? any numbers for hp and torque?:clap2: this is gonna be sweet
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you got some talent man good job
Project hasn't started yet, but it will soon! The motor began to run better after a 2 hour drive to San Diego Monday. Maybe the new valves and what not needed some miles on em? But there is a slight problem from over 1/4 - 3/4 open throttle. She runs LEAN. Like 16-17.0:1 LEAN. 1/4 throttle and less she runs good for part throttle (I think): 14.5 - 15.5:1. And at WOT she runs a little on the rich side for N/A: 12.0-13.0:1

Maybe she needs a little more miles for breaking in the new valves/rings?
remeber a couple of months ago when you wanted a rear end part off my truck? you still want it?
1 - 4 of 332 Posts
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