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TSM Rear Discs

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These pictures were taken for jrp1588 but figured id post them up for everybody in case somebody is interested in this kit. The first picture is the new rotors from TSM and the calipers after i painted them. the second is right after install. The last ones i shot today, so ignore the dirt and surface rust. I do not have any pics of the brackets by themselves. They have black paint on them because i had to shorten the threaded bosses for the caliper slide pins, this was manufacturer error and i did not feel like waiting by shipping them back. Besides the brackets being white, i was extremely happy with this kit and highly recommend it.

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Thanks man, those look so much better than big ugly drums. Definitely doing this in the spring!
Any harm is using some remanned calipers from autozone? They are selling some duralast ones for $20 each unloaded.

I can get some EBC greenstuff pads on ebay for $67 shipped add in the $40 for calipers, and I'd be spending $107 and probably getting some better quality pads. Unless they already ship with good pads, then my point is moot.
I think there was a thread about this months ago, and it was decided you would have to do just that.
I emailed them about the pads they use. I don't want to go through the trouble of the sway just to throw on some junk pads. If nothing else I can save another $20 by going with some EBC ultimax pads, I have them on the front and they do a good job.
After some digging, I've found calipers for $40, and pads for $40. So That's $80 vs $120 buying it from them. With the savings, I might even upgrade to slotted and dimpled rotors. Then again, $400 total seems a lot easier to swallow than $480 for some reason.

Edit: According to TSM's summport people, the calipers come loaded with generic semi-metallic pads. I think I'll be supplying my own pads and calipers.
As I understand it, the hardest part is that you have to remove the axle shaft. Not entirely sure how to do that, but the OP tells me it's not bad.
I would think they'd work. They are just modified dakota front discs. Calipers don't look like they stick out any further than dakota calipers. I hope they work. I just picked up some 15's for winter last night. I'll be installing the TSM kit in the spring
1 - 7 of 21 Posts
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