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like it says i got 92 dakota. and it just wont start. it will sometimes and when it does the RPM's jump to like 1500 then it just dies. even if u give it gas it dies.
now ive put about 1000 into and nothing had helps.
New battery
fuel lines
fuel filter
fuel injecters
fuel pump
all new cap/rotor/wires/plugs
all new wiring

its getting fuel and spark and i had a guy test the compression and he said that all 6 cylinders are good. but i still dont know why it wont start. now i did bring it to a shop and he said that the timing might be messed up. but then i was thinkin if that was the case it wouldnt start at all. and also something about how there might be a bent piston, but again if that was the case wouldnt it not start. And in desprate hope to find the problem i tested the fuel injector pressure regulator and i think that was shot cuz it wasnt really holding anything. so could that be the problem to all of these. please if you coudl help me out in anyway itd be awesome

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My 94 started missng really bad and died on the road one day. It'd turn over and go to about 1500 and then slowly sputter to death. I was praying it was a fuse, so I changed my fuel pump relay under my hood and she cranked right up.
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