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Truck & Owner Picture Thread

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I wanted to start a new twist on the Mugshot thread...

I'd like to see people post up pictures of themself and their truck together in one post. This will also be a handy reference for the people who travel to local or regional shows to know who they're speaking to, or possibly reconnect with someone that they met but didn't realize who they are because of forum names. I think it would also be interesting to see who drives what all in one place instead of multiple separate threads.

You don't need to be in the same picture as your truck, just attach both (or more) photos to one post so the thread doesn't get clogged up with multiple posts per person.

PLEASE keep the peanut gallery comments to yourself, especially the negative ones - if need be, toss your two cents into the post whore thread bucket.

If you need help with posting pictures, read this FAQ thread:
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Here's mine. 2000 SLT Plus bought new and started modifying last winter.
I had a job in Salt Lake last week so after we finished we took a little trip for a couple days down in Moab.
No crazy rock crawling but did have some fun on some back roads and slick rock.

2000SLT Plus 4.7, TS lift plus add a leaf, 3" body lift, Kennesaw Front and Rear bumpers, Warn 9.5ti winch, K&N, Fastman TB, Superchips tuner, Magnaflow 3" Catback, Changed front and rear lights, grill inserts, Custom rock sliders, Powertrax locker, Mag Hytec diff cover, powder coat wheels, Open Country M/T 33 x 12.5, Moog upper and lower ball joints, Rancho RS 9000xl, Piaa lights on top

This is one sweet Durango. I like everything about the way it looks. It looks just like the way I want my Durango to look.
1 - 1 of 222 Posts
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