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Truck hops when turning tight.

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Okay so tonight I turned my truck around to park it and it hopped. Headed some clicking. Only does it when turning tight. Would it be a cv joint or wheel bearing? Looked at shafts the boots look brand new. But the inner boots look old. Just need some help to diagnose it.
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The clicking sounds maybe sort of like a sway bar link, but that would not make it hop.
A control arm ( I would think either upper or lower) with badly worn out bushings will cause a 'clunk' and sort of a jump on the affected wheel when turning, but I don't know if that would be the same as what you are describing as hopping.
. . . and yes, a wheel bearing would do that if it was bad enough.
But with that, with that wheel off the ground, by grabbing hold of the top and the bottom of the tire and shaking, you should note significant play. ("Lateral play", I guess is what you would call it.)
The experience I had with my upper control arm bushing yielded no play while not under load.
Just to clarify a tad, I described the noise (when my upper control arm bushings were bad) that I would hear when making a turn as a 'clunk', but really I think it was more of a 'pop.'
That clicking on my 01 Dak CC SRT 4.7 w/ 4wd ENGAGED... was my front drive live.
Which would make for that hopping also!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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