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Truck dying under accel after installing turbo

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Finally got my turbo up and running and trying to do some data-logging to get a final tune. Truck idles great with the exception of running a little rich (light black smoke). Took the truck for its first test drive today and it pulls out of the drive fine but as soon as I attempt to accelerate it pops and dies until the accelerator is released. When the accelerator is released, the truck starts running again. This only happens when trying to drive down the road; when parked in my drive, the accelerator can be "punched/stabbed" and the engine will race up with no issues. Truck ran great prior to the turbo.

Anybody experience this before? I checked the 2-bar map sensor with KOEO; it measures 1.99 vdc. Your help is greatly appreciated.

Truck: 97 dakota, stroked from 318 to 390, alum heads, mopar 4bbl efi intake, 4bbl TB, KRC 210B cam, P.I.E turbo hot side,60lb injectors, Turbonetics 72 bb turbo, A/W intercooler, basic tune by P.I.E. and manual transmission.
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Was it sitting a while while you built the turbo? How old is the gas? did you check the fuel pressure/pump?
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