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Troys 360 build!

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well iv been wanting to do one from the second i got my lil baby v6, yesterday was the day i got the time and money to yank one to rebuild and stick in my truck in a year....or 2..or 3. Im going to buy a trans and all that yet just over time mildly build up this thing...plans as of this second are cam, headers, and probably m1 intake. Im stripping it completely down doing a full rebuild sending it to a shop to tank it and check to see if it needs to be bored but prob honed. i ripped it out of a 99 rango with 188k ran when parked in the junk yard. now let the fun begin!!

made me lol

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You ahd better invest in some jack stands. You're gonna need it.
why is that? i have alot
And get a lot of duct tape too.
Your bank accounts going to hate you.
i know it is Carl lol, misfit i have it in every color... i even have copper duct tape

was able to get the exhaust manifolds, intake manifold, water pump w/ fan, and plugs out today and spun the engine... put a finger down in the spark plug hole and she quiffed...everything moved fine
got some work done today

absolutely zero slug at all
cylinder walls look really good for 180k
having the flash on my camera makes it look bad, but its really just reflecting the top of the piston on the wall, its so smooth and glossy
looks like a few were leaking.

hope to get the rest off by Wednesday, then putting it on the back burner waiting for money to come in to send it to the machine shop.... but will work on cleaning up the accessory bracket, and things of that sort.
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Anyone Know what's the best full gasket kit for a good price?? I was looking on moparts.com and it was pretty damn cheap didn't know if they were good..
Also do I need a different oil pan for mine? It was from a awd rango and didn't know if it was the same
thge sealed power gasket sets on summit are re packaged felpros fyi thats what i got for mine
Last time i checked, rock auto had a gasket set felpro..might wanna check that out
i said sealed power cus it was cheaper at the time
If you buy online at advance auto parts and pick up at your local store, you can save 20% off by entering "P20" at checkout
okay cool, just don't want to end up having a gasket blow somewhere right after its done then take it all back apart... might get the block sent to a machine shop for my Christmas present from the rents. then i can use my own money to put her back together sooner
Get a M1 intake so you never have to worry about belly pan gaskets
That's on the list lol
My 318s gonna whoop your 360s ass......
Well I ain't doing as much as you!
What... All im doing is bolt ons......LOL
Well my 408 is gonna kick that 318s ass. Lolololololololol
My 318 won't get off the line. Ok its nice but all this talk of engine builds makes me want to pick up a second motor to build in my spare time. 94 Dakota 318 motor with 131,000 on it for $175...hmmmmm tempting.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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