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Transponder key blanks

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Has anyone had any luck with transponder key blanks for e.g. a 2006 Dakota? Where did you buy them?

I bought a few super cheap ones off eBay, but they don't seem to program correctly. The sellers claim they are Y164-PT/Strattec 692352 compatible, but I think they don't really know what they're selling.

I bought a key from a local locksmith and it was a Strattec "S" tan head key that works (for $80, not even including cutting and programming which was another $43), and I might try buying that same key off eBay, if needed. I have a couple keys that have been cut but don't have working transponders, so I would like to just harvest a transponder off a cheap (but functional!) eBay key.

Also: I hate the Sentry Key system :)
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You cannot program additional keys with only one working ke
What does someone with just one key do to obtain more copies then? Asking for a friend... 馃槼
Thanks so much man, the help is greatly appreciated. I鈥檓 a nervous wreck having only one key... er I mean my friend is 馃槈

thanks again for the very informative response.

Larry H Miller Dodge/Ram quoted $230 for a programmed key, FYI for anyone else who might stumble upon this thread. 馃憤
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