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Transponder key blanks

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Has anyone had any luck with transponder key blanks for e.g. a 2006 Dakota? Where did you buy them?

I bought a few super cheap ones off eBay, but they don't seem to program correctly. The sellers claim they are Y164-PT/Strattec 692352 compatible, but I think they don't really know what they're selling.

I bought a key from a local locksmith and it was a Strattec "S" tan head key that works (for $80, not even including cutting and programming which was another $43), and I might try buying that same key off eBay, if needed. I have a couple keys that have been cut but don't have working transponders, so I would like to just harvest a transponder off a cheap (but functional!) eBay key.

Also: I hate the Sentry Key system :)
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I bought two Ebay keys a very long time ago (about $45 each), and they work fine, using one as my primary key today. Before I dig for the info, i just want to be sure that you currently have two working keys. You cannot program additional keys with only one working key.
Sorry, I missed this. Yes, I now have 2 working, unique keys, and I can get the vehicle into "programming" mode, but the eBay key transponders don't work. I ended up getting a surprise refund from the eBay seller after I started asking where they keys came from and how he knew that they were the correct transponders. I'm taking that as a tacit admission that the keys were bogus and he just didn't know.

I checked on getting an extra key about 5 years ago. I found that some Ace hardware stores can cut and program it. Back then it was $75. I held off on it. Seems like a bargain now.
The Ace web site tells you which stores do auto key cutting and programming. The Ace keys are big and ugly and they're cloned keys (so you can't use one as your second key to get into "programming mode" to program another key)... but if you can't find a locksmith or dealer who will give you a reasonable price, they do work for everyday purposes.
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