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Transplant for my da

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Pretty soon going to be looking for a transplant for my Da. Open to ideas, however the perfect plan would be a 5.9 engine trans. and so on into it. With plans to eventually build it or build before i install. The original built 4.7 just recently crapped on me. Rod bearing.

Would anyone have any insight, input, or opinions for this it would be greatly appreciated!!!

Pretty excited about finally getting to do this.
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I have been thinking about that option as well. Since the 45rfe basically bolts right up to it, but not too sure on how much fab work i would have to do to the engine bay.

Not to forget about the electronics part i havent really looked into for the hemi swap into it. I would prefer doing the hemi as far as "modability" if thats even a word. But was beginning to think that the fab work to the engine bay and the electronics part of it would be much more expensive. However i could be wrong?
Haha yea i know what you mean. Im not getting rid of the 4.7 equiped. Has alot of sentimental value so thats out of the picture. Just trying to figure out which way to go. At the moment its probably going to be the hemi. Been looking around seeing some decent deals around the area so may just go with that and make the progress and get the sticker made for the back window that its got a hemi haha.
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